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Cyber Profile Assessment

A health check of your online presence which combines a number of techniques to identify any weak spots.

Have you ever considered what information you are inadvertently exposing online about you or your organisation, which could be exploited by an attacker? CND's Cyber Profile Assessment is a health check of your online presence, combining several cyber security checks into a one-day, thorough evaluation. We check how your business and your staff may look to an attacker and search for any weak spots. The output is a report detailing any findings and also recommending what could be done to rectify any problems found.

Although extensive, the Cyber Profile Assessment is constrained to what can be found and reported on within one day.  

Our GCHQ trained Open Source Intelligence consultants will conduct passive and active external non-credentialed Vulnerability Assessments and Website Application Scanning of your website and boundary IP address and will search for hidden metadata which might have been inadvertently disclosed.

Our analysts will also examine your organisation's online presence for data leakage and risk. This will be performed not only on the "normal" Internet but also the Deep and Dark Web which isn't as accessible.

Finally, a domain level search for any email addresses which have been exposed in public breaches will be undertaken.

From their findings, we produce a Cyber Profile Assessment report highlighting the risks to your organisation and enabling you to manage your online risk profile.