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Vulnerability Management

The process of vulnerability discovery and patching. 

Managing a vulnerability through it's lifecycle from discovery to patch is a vital process. For some, this management is automated within the applications and operating systems they use. But for many businesses the risk of automated patching is too great and it must be carefully managed.

Vulnerability Management

Our consultants are engaged to undertake the following on an adhoc basis, or regularly as part of a managed service.

Our consultants will work with the client to identify their vulnerabilities and help to triage patching if required. To do this, we review the technical details of the vulnerability to see if the necessary criteria for exploitation is present.

If the vulnerability does meet the criteria for exploitation, we look at various methods to mitigate the problem, not just patching.

Managed Vulnerability 

Our consultants can be engaged to undertake Vulnerability Management as part of a managed service, not only identifying the vulnerabilities, but also working with you to manage their remediation.