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Superyacht Intelligence (OSINT)

Our GCHQ trained analysts use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to find out who is posting what about your vessel

"...Open/public sources such as social media are used to gain information about a potential target (eg a company, ship or seafarer) in preparation for a cyber attack..."

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collects and analyses information from all available sources. The movement and activity of superyachts, their owners, and their crew that are being increasingly placed in the spotlight. What was once the realm of amateur enthusiasts, is now a focus for commercial exploitation and nation state interest.

Our OSINT system alerts you to any posts relating to your vessel(s), the tools also analyse the information for sentiment, are the posts positive, negative or neutral? Could somebody be posting adverse comments about your vessel?

In addition, we can alert you to severe breaches of information, including but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate social media postings
  • 3rd Party Suppliers posting images
  • Identification of the owner
  • Close-up drone footage
  • Negative sentiment reports
  • Images of guests
  • Internal yacht images (if not permitted)