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Cyber Security as a Service

For some clients the choice of cyber security services can prove overwhelming, therefore, many choose to outsource it to CND, almost entirely.

Your Very Own Cyber Security Team

CND cyber security engineers deploy various technologies to protect you from a cyber attack, our cyber security analysts then keep a watchful eye over your systems, investigating any issues and notifying you of anything you need to know about. Our subject matter experts advise you of the latest threats and work with you all the way.

Securing your business against cyber attacks has become extremely complex and many find it difficult to know where to begin and how they should prioritise their efforts for maximum return on investment.

Whilst CND still operate the more traditional approach of selling individual services exactly as per the clients requirements, there are an increasing number of businesses who are placing their trust in us to propose a combination of complimentary services which meet their needs.

Our cyber security experts will discuss your business with you to fully understand how you operate and what your most critical areas are, we consider the types of cyber security threats you might face and prioritise the possible defences.

This approach enables us to provide the client with efficiencies in management and monitoring, making the service more affordable, the onboarding cost for hardware etc, is also spread over the first 12 months (minimum term)

Some clients prefer us to adopt a "Shock & Awe" approach, especially if they have been breached, where we take them from zero to hero in a short space of time (days). However, we prefer to take a more measured approach and build their cyber security capability over time (months).