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CND & The Isle of Man

We believe that being local is important to be able to understand our clients' needs as well as having the ability to provide a timely response. Whilst CND's headquarters is in Corsham, UK, we have our primary Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) and another technical team in the Isle of Man, a research unit in the US, and a contracting team that operates across Europe and the Middle East.

CND's History With The Island

CND's owners both grew up near Fleetwood and have fond memories of regularly spending their childhood summers visiting the Island.

In 2013, CND employed a Manx cyber security student at our office in Bath, when he then graduated from university, he was offered a permanent position with the Company. He would only agree to accept the role on the condition that the CND owners revisited the Island and considered opening an office there. In his mind the Island had invested in his degree and education and therefore he was loyal to the Island and felt a moral obligation to promote it. CND fell in love with the Isle of Man all over again.

CND opened an office in Douglas and delivered services remotely into our clients in the UK and around the World, whilst we built an Island client base.  We have now settled into Ballasalla and have imported several UK staff into the Island, in fact every new member of staff in the UK is offered the opportunity to relocate to the Island, with about a 50% success rate. If you live on the Island, or wish to move back there and have a passion for cyber security, please get in touch.

Providing coverage for our Isle of Man customers, we have some of CND’s most senior and technical staff living on the island. We provide our full range of CND services across all of our locations, and globally.​ You can explore our full range of CND services, all of which are available in the Isle of Man, here: