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Superyacht Real-Time Monitoring
Cyber Security Operations Centre

The CND Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a cyber security team watching your vessel and alerting you and responding to any cyber threats

A SOC acts as a centralised unit dealing with security issues affecting the cyber-physical systems on or connected to a ship or fleet of ships

"..Are the IT systems protected and is access being monitored and managed?... A second consideration is the close monitoring of outbound connections originating from ship networks ...Systems, which require remote access, should be clearly defined, monitored and reviewed periodically...It is important when monitoring and managing systems to be aware of the networks’ status and to detect any unauthorised data traffic...."

Our Cyber Security Operations Centre is a fully managed service, where our experienced analysts monitor your vessel and respond to any cyber security issues, as part of this service we also run regular vulnerability scans against the ship from the Internet, to ensure your network doors remain firmly locked.

"..There is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach to the monitoring and quantification of this risk...."

We bespoke every deployment to the needs of each client and ensure that the your cyber security solution is designed to meet any budgetary constraints and is appropriate to the level of threat and risk the vessel faces.

We deploy our sensor/collector within your network, this collects all the logs from your devices, monitors the network traffic (IDS), and scans everything inside your network for vulnerabilities which an attacker might exploit.