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The Maritime Cyber Certification

The Maritime Cyber Baseline scheme provides an affordable way for vessel owners, crew, managers, and builders to improve the cyber security onboard their vessels to reduce the possibility of a cyber-attack occurring.


The Maritime Cyber Baseline scheme has been created by the IASME cyber Accreditation Body to assess whether maritime vessels meet various basic cyber controls (baseline).  We at CND have demonstrated to IASME that we meet the criteria to become a Certification Body, enabling us to assess whether vessels are sufficiently secure to achieve certification. 

The scheme is supported by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

Two Certification Levels

Level One - Self Assessment Questionnaire.

Level One consists of a self-assessed questionnaire (SAQ) designed to assess whether applicants meet the required standard. The SAQ is completed by the applicant organisation and submitted online via an assessment portal. Upon submission, the SAQ responses are reviewed by a qualified assessor who will then issue a certificate with a pass or  a fail with guidance.

Whilst vessels may choose to answer the questions themselves, we do offer a service where we assist the vessel in the completion of the SAQ, please note that this does not guarantee a pass.

Level Two - Audited SAQ

Level Two revolves around the same basic controls as Level One. The difference between the certifications is that Level Two requires a qualified assessor to audit the applicant organisation's SAQ answers. Achieving Level Two certification results in a higher degree of assurance that the required standards have been met.

Level One certification is a prerequisite to achieving Level Two, which must then be attained within a 3-month period. Level Two certification is valid for 36 months, if Level One is verified annually.

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