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Cyber Security Platform
(The Maritime Hunter)

Our all in one appliance to address your every maritime cyber security requirement

Winner: Most Innovative Tech Solution Award 2023

CND have been providing cyber security onboard superyachts for many years and in order to address some of the issues found, we have developed a cyber security appliance called Osprey®. This next generation, all in one device, fulfills numerous cyber security functions. 

Osprey® is a physical appliance deployed within the vessel. The reduced size of this appliance also makes it perfectly suited for use on smaller superyachts and support vessels.

Osprey® can be installed in a short depth 19" communications rack, such as can be found on a bridge or as used for audio visual equipment.

Osprey® - Keeping An Ever Watchful Eye On Your Vessel

Osprey® Functions

Flexible Deployment

Installation of Osprey couldn't be more simple, this greatly reduces the need for our engineers to go onboard and the installation can even be undertaken during the season.

We send the preconfigured Osprey appliance to you, or your Maritime IT Managed Service Provider.

You install it and connect it to your network (instructions provided).

Osprey will then securely connect to our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) in the Isle of Man.

Our engineers will then fine tune the configuration, remotely.

Note Our engineers can install Osprey on your vessel for you if you prefer.

Cyber Security Operations Centre

Pivotal to Osprey is our Cyber Security Operations Centre which is located in the Isle of Man.

Our cyber security engineers maintain Osprey remotely and our analysts monitor the security events and respond to any attacks.

Asset Onboarding

Once Osprey is successfully deployed, we will advise you on how to send events from your various onboard devices to enable log collection, normalisation and enrichment.

Alternatively, you can provide us with a username and password and we will log onto your devices from Osprey and configure them to send events.

As soon as Osprey starts to receive events, we will start to monitor your ship for security events.

Digital Asset Discovery

Osprey will scan the vessel and identify any digital assets and can alert when critical assets disappear, or new assets are introduced.

The asset list produced is really valuable to the ETO/AVIT

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Osprey uses cyber threat intelligence to check the reputation of every event, this will be reported on if they are suspicious.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Osprey has 3 inbuilt network Intrusion Detection Systems available to monitor your networks with extraordinary detail for attacks, far beyond the capabilities of many firewalls.

Note: this will require additional network configuration.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Optional Extra - Osprey includes a vulnerability scanner, which will regularly scan all of the internal digital devices for vulnerabilities.

Bandwidth Management

Osprey communicates with our Cyber Security Operations Centre, if the ship has limited external bandwidth eg. VSAT, our Osprey communications can be managed so as not to consume too much bandwidth at peak times. 

Incident Response

Optional Extra. Osprey has a number of cyber incident response tools built in, enabling our Team to investigate a major incident remotely, should one occur.

Note: Our Incident Response Team can also come to the vessel if there is an incident.

Remote Update and Wipe of Osprey

Osprey can be updated remotely with bandwidth consumption being carefully managed.

If Osprey is no longer required, it can be remotely wiped of sensitive data before it is returned.

Hardened Operational Technology Portal

Osprey has an embedded next generation firewall which not only protects itself, but can be used to monitor and if required, control remote access to Operational Technology.

Additional Features

Superyacht Fleets

Monitoring multiple superyachts as a fleet, eg. for a yacht management company, not only results in huge financial savings, but also results in a single operational cyber security picture.

External Vulnerability Assessment

Our Cyber Security Operations Centre will scan the external network addresses of the ship identifying any vulnerabilities using the same tools and techniques as a hacker.

Penetration Testing

Where internal or external vulnerabilities are discovered and the impact of their exploitation is unknown, our Penetration Testers can attempt to exploit them.

Crew Ashore and on Rotation Monitoring

Through the use of an agent on crew work computers we can continue to keep a watchful eye on for any nefarious activity even whilst they are away from the vessel.

Cloud Service Monitoring (eg. Office 365)

Off ship cloud capabilities such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), AWS, Azure, etc. can be monitored for cyber security activity in the cloud rather than the ship.

Dark Web Monitoring

Our analysts monitor the dark web looking for the crew's credentials which might have been compromised through a breach of a public network, such as LinkedIn or MyFitness Pal. These credentials may then be used by criminals to breach other systems.

Domain Monitoring and Response

Cyber criminals will often register a domain which is lexically similar to the ship domain, in order to trick crew and suppliers into being victims. 

We monitor all new domain registrations and report any which are lexically similar and make recommendations to reduce the risk.

We also monitor those domains which pose a threat for the activation of a website which might be used to target the ship's clients, suppliers and crew.

Osprey® Specifications

The Osprey appliance is a short depth 1U appliance

Depth 270mm

Width 19"

Height 1U

Networks 8