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Superyacht Cyber Security

Over many years, CND has been providing cyber security to superyachts. In our experience, we have learnt that they are unlike any other maritime vessel.  The priorities and protocols onboard are vastly different and must be respected. The usual cyber rules don't necessarily apply.

Our ex-military analysts liken cyber on superyachts to providing cyber to elite special forces, where interfering with operations needs to be carefully risk managed.

Our Superyacht Cyber Security Team, formed of former superyacht seafarers with experience of both private and charter vessels, alongside our cyber security specialists, it is this Team who deliver our service to you, in a language that you understand, providing a stressless journey towards cyber compliance and more.

IMO 5 Elements of Cyber Risk Management

The IMO cyber security guidelines has adopted the cyber security industry approach, dividing cyber security into the following elements:  


Define personnel roles and responsibilities for cyber risk management and identify the systems, assets, data and capabilities that, when disrupted, pose risks to ship operations. 


Implement risk control processes and measures, and contingency planning to protect against a cyber-event and ensure continuity of shipping operations. 


Develop and implement activities necessary to detect a cyber-event in a timely manner. 


Develop and implement activities and plans to provide resilience and to restore systems necessary for shipping operations or services impaired due to a cyber-event.


Identify measures to back-up and restore cyber systems necessary for shipping operations impacted by a cyber-event.