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Cyber Security Plan & Policies

The new requirements for maritime regulatory documentation are being updated regularly, please allow us to help

"...Aspects of cyber risk management, including physical security aspects of cyber security, should be addressed in Ship Security Plans (SSP) under the ISPS Code..."

The United States requires all ships, U.S. flagged ships and foreign flagged ships that call on ports in the U.S, to ensure cyber risk management is appropriately addressed in their SMS.

The ship’s cyber security plan and policies outline how the vessel and its crew manage cyber security risk.

As a minimum, the ship security plan needs to reflect the cyber security management and refer to the relevant policies and procedures. Many regulatory guidelines born out of the IMO cyber resolution, recommend the creation of a Cyber Security Plan as part of the Ship Security Plan.

CND can adapt our own Maritime Cyber Security Plan to the vessel's needs, or do the same with one issued by a management company etc.

The Cyber Security Plan is created or updated after a Cyber Risk / Security Assessment, also pivotal to the above is the creation of robust and working cyber security policies.