Breach Triage or First Response

You've been breached, now what do you do?

Every second counts. Phone us immediately, don't email us from your business email system and don't discuss the potential breach on systems which could be compromised.

Please note that this service is a single module that can be delivered on its own for clients who want this specific piece of work.  However, it is included as standard as part of the Incident Response Team Service.

Service Overview:

A robust cyber security Incident Response Plan, tailored to your organisation is a mandatory requirement for many information security management systems and for good reason, it enables an organisation to not only respond to an incident immediately but also ensures that controls are in place to support the response.

Our consultants are highly qualified with decades of incident handling experience.

Service Details:

The service is completely flexible and will be adjusted according to your needs. Ordinarily, the client's Incident Response requirements generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • From Scratch. Where the client has no existing Incident Response Plan, CND will provide our own Plan which we will coarse tune to the client's organisation.
  • Coarse Tuned. Sometimes, the client will have a coarse tuned Incident Response Plan which they have created, or that CND have provided.  We will work with the client to fine tune it, so that it meets the requirements exactly. 
  • Fine Tuned. The client may already have a working Incident Response Plan, which may need to be reviewed and updated. 
  • Desktop Exercise. Once an Incident Response Plan is in place, and regularly thereafter it should be exercised to ensure that it works and that the Incident Response Team are familiar with the Plan and their actions. At CND we have a number of scenarios which can be run as desktop exercises, we are also familiar with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Incident Response exercising tool "Exercise In A Box"


Please reach out for a scoping meeting so that we can capture your Incident Response Planning requirements.

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