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Website Application Scanning

Scanning for problems in the backend of your website.

Service Overview: 

Many websites now include interactive content which enables the visitor and the website host to derive maximum benefit from the visit through dynamic content. This is often achieved through the medium of a Website Application which runs in the browser that the visitor is using. In order to achieve the desired benefit, the Website Application is given access to the backend of the website and, if this isn't handled correctly, could be exploited by an attacker. The Web application scan checks for problems. 

Our Webite Application Scanning (WAS) service utilises industry-leading tools to scan your web apps for vulnerabilities that hackers could leverage against you. The output is a report detailing any findings along with recommendations on how to remediate any issues that were found.

Service Details: 

Our Website Application Scanning (WAS) service provides a snapshot of how vulnerable your web application is to an attack. This is undertaken by launching an industry-leading automated tool that will actively scan your web applications for vulnerabilities.

We use the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) framework to provide output in the form of a report containing a prioritised list of any vulnerabilities that require review & remediation. The WAS could be run just once or you could request a follow-up scan. The benefit of this enables you to gauge the effectiveness of your remediation activity as well as discover any new vulnerabilities that have inadvertently been opened as a result.

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