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Security Operation Centre Maturity

You may already have a SOC, CND have a range of services to assess and if required, develop it further.

Whilst we build many SOCs from scratch, existing SOCs require a little TLC from time to time to keep them operating at optimum efficiency. Whether a client needs us to look at their SOC from a fresh perspective, requires a specific element of their SOC changing, or indeed a complete overhaul, we are here to help.

Security Operations Centres are our original service offering, we have been responsible for Building, developing and indeed Staffing countless SOC's over the last 20+ years, many of these SOCs are now household names in the cyber security community.

In addition to building SOCs for our clients, we have our own Primary and Alternate SOC. Our extensive experience in and around Cyber Security Operations Centres results in numerous engagements to assess the maturity of existing SOCs in order to enable them to develop further.

Getting Started

Engaging us couldn't be easier, simply outline your high level requirements to one of our service delivery staff, who will introduce some of our SOC consultants with expertise in the areas you need help with. We will capture your requirements in detail and work together to devise a plan which meet your requirements within agreed timescales. Once both sides are happy with the approach, we will issue a more formal proposal, including pricing.

Much of the work can be undertaken remotely, though we are regularly requested to work on site in every corner of the globe, for short periods and sometimes for many months.