Benjamin Franklin - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

A small financial outlay can often prevent around 80% of current cyber security attacks. We can help you identify the risks and then work with you to prioritise their remediation at a pace and expenditure which you are comfortable with

Cloud Security Configuration

It used to be a case of out of sight and out of mind, however, these days Cloud offerings and containers are becoming a soft target for attackers, whether you are using AWS, Azure or any number of other cloud offerings, it is imperative that they are secured correctly and monitored.

Office 365 Security Configuration

The security functionality available within Office 365 is increasing rapidly, CND have a great deal of expertise in configuring Office 365 to be more secure, from setting up multi factor authentication, to tuning Data Loss Prevention setting and much more in between. 

Security Architecture

Security Architecture is one of our core services.  At CND we have a number of security architects covering a wide range of solutions.  These include boundaries, cloud, endpoints and networks to name but a few.

Many of our staff have the highest level of security clearance and can work within a number of architectural frameworks including TOGAF.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS & IPS)

Services around IDS and IPS are some of our oldest offerings which we have seen evolve since the late 1990's. Our staff deployed the first Network IDS in use by the UK MOD 20 years ago and later installed Europe's largest IPS deployment with well over 1,000 sensors.
Such is the breadth and depth of our knowledge on the subject that our staff are regularly flown around the World by the vendors to speak at conferences and also to help improve the products and define the product roadmaps.

We are also extremely adept at deploying and configuring many of the open source sensors such as Snort, Suricata and Bro and have spoken at conferences about how to configure several commercial IDS to deploy Snort signatures and also how to conduct advanced tuning on commercial IDS in order to turn on prevention without impacting service.

Cisco FirePower Services

Whilst we can deploy, configure and tune any of the commercial IDS and IPS, our preferred solution is the Cisco FirePower IPS, which we have followed since Marty Roesch was first created Snort and the subsequent commercial SourceFire offering. 

Cisco then acquired Sourcefire and developed the product further and even embedded it onto the Cisco ASA Firewall which then became the FirePower Threat Defense (FTD).

We have some of the best FirePower consultants in the World and we often augment Cisco staff with our experts.

Maritime Security

Maritime has been described as the Perfect Storm for a cyber security attack. Each modern vessel is a floating computer network with numerous systems including navigation and even the Industrial Control Systems associated with managed the vessel connected together.

Cyber Security was never an issue as the ships presented a moving target with minimal external connectivity, this has now changed and vessels are often constantly connected to the Internet and therefore a target to anyone who cares. 

Ships and ports are being are facing cyber attacks on a regular basis, their every move tracked and some ships have even been taken over remotely.

We offer a wide range of services associated with maritime security.

Blockchain Security

Originally designed for cryptocurrencies, other uses for Blockchain are emerging due to it's unique properties around ownership, cryptography, immutability and transparency, especially in finance and governance.

This makes Blockchain an extremely attractive target for criminals and nation states. CND are currently devising a comprehensive Blockhain Security Service and amongst our staff are some of a handful of Certified Blockchain Consultants in Europe.


Data Loss Prevention

Unauthorised exfiltration of data is a huge concern for most system owners, the information might be personal, confidential or intellectual property. The parties responsible could be legitimate users within the organisation acting maliciously or accidentally, or the data loss could be the result of a breach.

We offer a range of services around data loss prevention from the configuration of operating systems and applications, through to the deployment of products which are specifically designed to prevent data loss either at the network level, endpoint or server. 

System Hardening

By default many operating systems and applications are afforded a basic level of security to provide an almost guaranteed level business function. 

The security of the operating system and applications can be greatly enhanced through the application of specific settings, we undertake these changes carefully and tune the changes to the environment ensuring continued business function.

Insider Threat Prevention

The insider threat is when legitimate users of a system turn bad and do harm. Whether they are exfiltrating data or causing malfunction, because they are legitimate users of a system it makes it very difficult to catch them. 

In order to prevent their activity we work with you to fine tune each users privileges and permissions to ensure that they have just enough to do their job.  We also identify information which might attract a rogue user and apply measures to ensure it can only be accessed by authorised staff.

Insider Threat Prevention also works very well at thwarting external attackers during a breach. 

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