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Cyber Risk Assessment

A one-day workshop lead by CND Experts to identify all of the cybersecurity risks within your organisation.

The Cyber Risk Assessment is a one-day workshop, led by a CND cyber security Principal Consultant and attended by your stakeholders and technical staff. Within the workshop, we discuss a multitude of cyber security controls from a number of popular cyber security frameworks.

The day is spent delving into numerous topics including, Security Architecture, System Hardening, and Insider Threat Prevention, with our experts offering advice and clarification.​ The ensuing discussion will assess if and how those risks are being managed and the impact any residual risk may have on your business. Our experts will guide you through any questions and offer advice and clarification during the workshop.

The output is a report where the various risks are prioritised along with the recommended actions to remediate them or investigate them further.

The Cyber Risk Assessment is designed to help you bridge the gap between your current cyber security position and where you need to get to in order to mitigate or manage your cyber security risks.