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Cisco Security Advanced Services

We have some of the World's leading Cisco Security subject matter experts providing advanced services.

Our consultants and associates are experienced and considered subject matter experts with all of the Cisco Security products, these include Cisco Identity Services Engine, Cisco Umbrella (formerly OpenDNS), Cisco Duo (formerly Duo Security). 

Cisco FirePower and FirePower Threat Defense

AKA Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Configuring and fine-tuning your Cisco FirePower system is essential to getting the very best out of it. CND can help you transform your experience with guidance from our experts.

To ease the process, we offer remote consultancy (i.e. screen sharing) across multiple 1 or 2-hour sessions. At all times, you will be in the driving seat, while we provide detailed instructions. Equally, we can attend your site and work directly with you.

With 20-years of experience providing advanced services for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), CND Consultants are Subject Matter Experts. CND’s Cisco FirePower Service is available in four stages:

  • Design and purchase:  Assisting the customer to design the solution and reselling the Cisco FirePower solution to the client.
  • FireLite: Delivering the solution to the customer and carrying out the initial tuning before the solution is handed over to the client.
  • FireStarter: Ongoing, maintenance, tuning and monitoring oversight.
  • FirePrevention: Enabling Intrusion Prevention (IPS) All options are fully modular, agile and scalable to meet the demands of every client.

As a managed service, we ensure that the Cisco FirePower deployment is up to date and being maintained. We also look through the events to ensure it is optimally tuned and that significant events haven’t been missed.

Cisco FirePower Service Packages 


Initial Staging of Device.


Onsite onboarding. 


Configuration and Analysis of Device


False positive reduction, analysis, tuning, and reporting.


Turning on IPS Mode.


Ongoing analysis, tuning, maintenance, and reporting.

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