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Security Architecture

Our architects will configure existing products or add dedicated security products to guard against attacks.

By default, many networks and applications are built and configured insecurely, our security architects will work with you to design security into your systems to guard against a number of attacks. These include network boundaries, cloud, endpoints, and network infrastructure to name only a few.

Many of our staff have the highest level of security clearance and can work within a number of architectural frameworks, including TOGAF.

Our security architects design security into a range of systems from entire solutions to individual components and from requirement capture through to implementation. We are vendor-neutral, though we have found some products that we lean towards as we have found them to be the best of the breed. 

With over 20 years of cyber security experience, our service is called upon to fulfil all manner of security architectural tasks. In addition to our permanent staff, we can also select from thousands of Subject Matter Experts from Our Associate Pool.