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Cloud Security Configuration

It used to be a case of out-of-sight-out-of-mind, however, today Cloud offerings are becoming a soft target for attackers.

Whether you are using AWS, Azure, or any number of other cloud offerings, it is imperative that they are secured correctly and monitored.

Our consultants will review your cloud services to understand how they are being used and what could be done to configure them more securely.

Cloud service providers have recognised that their services are being attacked and have responded with a succession of configuration options to make their offerings more secure.

Our experts work hard to stay on top of these security developments, in fact, we use a multitude of cloud services ourselves and practice what we preach.

Office 365 is rapidly increasing its security functionality. CND have a great deal of expertise in configuring Office 365 to be more secure, from setting up multi-factor authentication to tuning Data Loss Prevention setting and much more in between.