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The primary mission for cyber security on a superyacht is ensuring that the guest experience is transparently fulfilled. Our experience in providing cyber security to superyachts has demonstarted to us that one size doesn't fit all and we have had to learn through trial and error which cyber security technologies, which work well on a terrestrial deployment, don't work for maritime.

CND also supply preformed packages of cyber security services, according to the size of ship, risk, or budget. (Bronze, Silver and Gold) each crafted to meet the IMO 5 elements of Cyber Risk Management for both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). Our Platinum package is designed for fleets of ships, where resources are shared across the fleet to save money and provide correlated cyber security situational awareness.

From the 1st of January 2021, cyber security will come under the remit of the International Safety Management System (ISM) Code, supported by the IMO Resolution MSC.428(98), requiring ship owners and managers to assess cyber risk and implement relevant measures.

Cyber Security Service Offerings

As a client you can engage CND to supply individual services, they are entirely modular and can be bespoked to your exact needs. Many clients prefer to opt for a packaged solution, these packages have been developed to suit numerous scenarios, sizes of vessel, risk apetites and budgets. 

If you have an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), our work is complementary to theirs, we will work closely with them forming a symbiotic relationship. Our passion is for cyber security not system administration.

Cyber risk management is critical to our delivery, we begin with a one day cyber risk assessment and work with your cyber risk approach; be that risk avoidance, where you take no cyber risks at all, risk acceptance, which is more dangerous, or risk management where we help you manage the above approaches.

CND Superyacht Individual Cyber Security Services

Maritime Risk Assessment

One Day Workshop

Maritime Open Source Intelligence

What are you revealing

Maritime Cyber Security Training

Online or Instructor Lead Training

Vulnerability Scanning

Find Out What a Hacker Sees of You

Security Architecture

Design Security into your Ship

CND Superyacht Cyber Security Packages

Bronze Superyacht Cyber Package

Low Risk and/or Low Budget

This package is designed primarily for smaller ships, providing an affordable package of cyber security measures which can be implemented remotely and with minimal crew involvement.

Silver Superyacht Cyber Package

Medium Risk Ships

Building yet further upon the features of the Bronze Package, the Silver Cyber Security Package focusses on hardening the boundary between the ship and the Internet. 

Gold Superyacht Package

High Risk Ships

Our ultimate package leaves no stone unturned, providing the greatest level of protection available to ship and crew, assuring the best guest experience 

Platinum Fleet Cyber Package

Where an owner or management company has more than one ship secured by CND the overarching Platinum package may prove to be more appealling as we are able to share resources across the fleet, thereby greatly reducing the cost when compared to purchasing standalone cyber security packages for each ship. 

Blue Cyber Package

This is our budget cyber security offering, which through the use of our onboard sensor, provides 24x7 Cyber Alarm escalation from our Cyber Security Operations Centre located in the Isle of Man. Where our team of analysts are on hand to help you respond to any incidents.

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Our Superyacht Experience

Since 2004, CND has been delivering maritime cyber security capability to naval forces, including the European Union Naval Force and the British Royal Navy. This maritime experience combined with the provision of cyber security to businesses and high net worth individuals, creates a "sweet spot" for securing superyachts. 

Providing cyber security to the superyacht industry has resulted in the rapid adoption of some interesting working practises and communication protocols, not to mention operational priorities when compared to cyber security in the wider maritime industry and beyond.

Our team of cyber security specialists have had to rapidly develop the skills necessary to secure superyachts the hard way and have had to take full advantage of our agility and experience in securing every other industry from spacecraft to maritime and from renewable energy plants to banks. 

Many of our cyber security services and technologies have been tweaked and adjusted to satisfy the needs of the superyacht industry, our superyacht experience coupled with our foundation in cyber security has proved invaluable in securiing some of the largest superyachts in the world.

Superyachts bring with them the usual threat of remote attack experienced by any other Internet connected vessel. However, they also have some other interesting soft spots which must be secured, not least of which are the high net worth clients and owners who they carry on board.

We provide superyacht owners, management companies, IT managed service providers and crew with a variety of services, some are bespoke to superyachts and others have been adapted from our land based services. Don't forget to download our superyacht brochure which also includes some of our bespoke services.

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