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Cyber Security is our passion and within our team, we have centuries of experience to call upon. The degree of our involvement in your cyber security journey is entirely up to you, be that an hour of subject matter expertise or an enduring commitment.​ Whether you only need your existing cyber security systems fine-tuning, or a fully developed and supported security strategy outsourced to us to deliver throughout the lifecycle, we are here to help you.

Over many years we have developed an extensive portfolio of services and have had to break them down into the following four categories:

Security Assessment Various services where we assess your current security measures and suggest where improvements could be made.

Attack Prevention These services harden your security and make it more difficult for you to be breached.

Attack Detection With these services we supply devices and provide monitoring capability to make the detection of an attack more likely.  

Incident Response When you are breached we have an expert team at the ready to provide a number of response services. 

In addition many of the above services are available as a managed service, where you outsource the responsibility for running the service to our experts within CND.

Managed Services A number of our services are suited to being outsourced to CND, where we manage them on your behalf.


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