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cybercrime begins at home.

My family and I moved home last week and everyone knows what a chaotic and stressful time this can be. There are in-fact quite a few cyber threat vectors when moving and during the move process my conveyancing solicitors e-mail server was targeted by a threat actor; the goal of this is to persuade would be buyers and sellers to ...

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It's Christmas (tree scanning)! -sX

Brilliant it's nearly Christmas and I'm sure everyone is looking forward to a good break and sigh of relief over the Christmas break. However there is one festivity that takes place year round (no it isn't festivus for any Seinfeld fans out there), I'm of course talking about xmas tree scanning. This is a type of port scan whereby your threat ...

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Splunk .conf 2020. Some great cyber talks and security reminders.

Last week saw Splunk .conf 2020 take place and instead of a Las Vegas venue it swapped to a virtual event, as with so much as an effect of Covid-19. This was my first Splunk .conf event and for the un-initiated there are a huge variety of talks, in all 230 this year and obviously the focus for myself and CND colleagues was on cyber security related...

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A new version of Nmap has been unleashed.

This week saw the release of Nmap 7.90 although as yet my particular Linux distro repository has yet to be updated (manual installation thus required). For security professionals it's worth reading the full release announcement here (URL), there are some significant changes and impressively the number of OS fingerprints is up to 5,678. If you've st...

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