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The word specialist is one that gets thrown around a lot in recruitment. Every recruitment agency claims to be a specialist in every vertical, and case in point that most recruitment businesses have recently created a Cyber Security desk, who are now frantically learning about cyber. However, with CND all we do is Cyber Security, not only do we invest heavily in cyber security training, but we are the oldest independent Cyber Security recruitment business in the UK. There are definite benefits in instructing an agency who can truly call themselves specialists in every sense of the word.

Stronger Market Understanding 

This comes back to the biggest complaint about recruiters you will hear." They are not an expert in the space, so how can they recruit for it". This is true to a degree; however, it is our job to be the specialists at recruiting people within the sector, not doing it ourselves. As Andy our CEO says "I need a cyber security recruiter who can talk the cyber talk, but not walk the cyber walk, if they could walk the cyber walk, then they would walk" If I could be a Penetration Tester, I definitely would, but I've tried and let's just say progress was slow. Where to find that niche consultant with Mobile App experience and a good record of testing Active Directory, well that's where we can help.

There is a part of CND legend that my CEO once briefed an agency on a Full Packet Capture specialist role, and after explaining it abbreviated it to an FPC Specialist. The agency rather missed the point and sent him Fire Prevention Controllers. In order to avoid disasters like that, and seeing an opportunity, CND created their own cyber security recruitment agency. 

If I could be a Penetration Tester, I definitely would, but I've tried and let's just say progress was slow

Passionate about the sector we work in 

This will be very person dependent but on the whole specialist recruiters are very passionate about the areas they work in. For us at CND, its Cyber Security. Not only do we sit alongside cyber security analysts and consultants, but I've spent portions of my lockdown on Hackthebox, TryHackMe and a brief stint on the AWS Solutions Consultant courses before the check engine light came on in my brain. If we're passionate about it, we're able to talk to candidates, engage them and ideally get across how great your opportunity is.

For me, I've always enjoyed the consuming and ever changing nature of Cyber Security, with always something new to learn and have been lucky to network with great people who have gone out of their way to educate me and in some cases pass over resources so I can learn for myself. That being said, Cisco ISE is still a mystery to me.

Ready pool of talent to dive into 

If you spend all day doing something, you do more of it than someone who dips in and out. You wouldn't go to an Italian restaurant and expect to get the best Chow Mein you've ever had (okay, poor example but I'm writing this before lunch).The same is true of recruitment, if you work with a specialist, they will spend all day talking to candidates in that one sector, and therefore have a much larger pool of relevant and qualified candidates, in CND's case we have nearly two decades of building that pool. Specialist recruiters will also be able to use those networks to dive deeper into the market for a search where necessary. The other side of this is we can act as a necessary filter for the applications. Most adverts, especially in the world at the moment are seeing a huge application rate which would take up valuable time to filter. We can do that for you, and ensure the best people are the ones that get to you.

A Parting Thought 

Recruitment is an industry that can be traced back in its current form to 1873, where John Gabbitas who founded Gabbitas & Thring recruited schoolmasters for public schools. In its time, it has seen many ways of working and the current notion of specialist vertical companies or consultants is one that has its advantages and is here to stay.

If you want to experience the difference a specialist can make for your business in the Cyber Security space, reach out to CND today and let us show you the benefits first hand.

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