New Vulnerabilities Wednesday 08 July

Monthly Patches are out for Qualcomm and Palo Alto Networks. New Alerts for Grundfos, F5 (more exploits), Citrix, Mozilla, Qualcomm, IBM, Zyxel, and Linux.

We have dropped the India:China GeoPolitical alert to Guarded, as they are working on a disengagement process.

F5 has updated the mitigation and IOC guidance in the TMUI RCE bulletin.  And ISC has seen backdoor install attempts after compromise in their honeypots.

MIELE has identified that their network-connected laboratory washers, thermal disinfectors and washer-disinfectors are vulnerable to Ripple20 TCP/IP issues.  A bit late to the party...

The FKIE Home Router Security report was not kind to most home router manufacturers.

A hacker has published this week a massive list of Telnet credentials for more than 515,000 servers, home routers, and IoT (Internet of Things) "smart" devices.  2020, still telnet and default passwords...

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