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New Vulnerabilities Tuesday 28 June

New Alerts for Hitachi Energy, Google Chrome, Google ChromeOS, IBM, HPE, and Linux.

Hitachi Energy

A vulnerability exists in the HCI Modbus TCP function included in RTU500 series firmware. An attacker could exploit the vulnerability by sending a specially crafted message to the RTU500 in a high rate, causing the targeted RTU500 CMU to reboot. The vulnerability is caused by a lack of flood control which causes an internal stack overflow resulting in a DoS. CVSSv3 score of 7.5
More info.


Google has updated Chrome for Desktop, with no highlighted security fixes. However, Microsoft says they're aware of security fixes, so there must be.
More info.

Microsoft is aware on working on Edge. More info.

Google has updated ChromeOS with 3 security fixes rated High, plus Chrome browser fixes.
More info.


IBM Robotic Process Automation is affected by multiple vulnerabilities in open source components. Highest CVSSv3 score of 9.8
More info.


Multiple security vulnerabilities have been identified in the HPE B-Series SANnav Management Portal. The vulnerabilities could be exploited to disclose sensitive information, perform unauthorized access and modification of data and cause partial DoS. Highest CVSSv3 score of 9.4
More info.


Red Hat has updated the kernel. More info.

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Security Wizardry Radar Page provides vulnerability details and visibility for a variety of software and industries.

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