New Vulnerabilities Thursday 13 August

New Alerts for Wireshark, Microsoft, Dell, Apache Struts, Apple, and Linux. 

Six simple actions can leave you hacked in Windows, including playing audio, playing video, browsing a website, receiving an email, looking at a PDF, and editing an HTML page.  Patch your systems!

Vulnerabilities in Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant platform could allow attackers to access users' banking data history or home addresses – simply by persuading them to click on a malicious link.

Anomaly Six LLC that has an SDK that's used by "more than 500 mobile applications." Through that SDK, the company collects location data from users, which it then sells.

Security Wizardry Cyber Threat Intelligence - The Radar Page

Security Wizardry Radar Page provides vulnerability details and visibility for a variety of software and industries.


Amazon Alexa ‘One-Click’ Attack Can Divulge Personal Data | Threatpost

Researchers disclosed flaws in Amazon Alexa that could allow attackers to access personal data and install skills on Echo devices.

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