New Vulnerabilities Friday 2 April

New Alerts for QNAP, HPE, Bosch, Microsoft Edge, Micro Focus, VMware, and Linux.    

I came across two April Fool's blog posts, one from CERT-EU about "Straightforward Rules for Perfect Cyber Security", and PowerDNS had one about their new GreenDNS initiative.  Good for them. :)

The new face of PowerDNS: GreenDNS | PowerDNS Blog

Hello! Today, we of the PowerDNS team are ready to unveil our bold new product strategy: GreenDNS. Admitting the following is quite painful, but to make a better world we must muster the courage to be brutally honest: DNS is dirty. In fact, it's absolutely filthy. Too long have we been accomplices to the industry… - Vulnerability Details

Security Wizardry Radar Page provides vulnerability details and visibility for a variety of software and industries.

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