Assessing Your Cybersecurity Controls

One of the first steps in the journey to becoming a more secure business is to assess the effectiveness of your existing security controls.  Our job is to work with you to make that assessment. We analyse the security controls you have in place and, based on your gap analysis (or where your security controls are vs where they should be), we advise you on your next steps. From there, we can either provide you with a roadmap of how you can independently close the gap or how CND can continue as a managed service to help carry out any adjustments you require. 

The services outlined below are some of our services which enable us to assess your security:

Cyber Risk Assessment

The Cyber Risk Assessment is a one-day workshop, led by a CND cyber security Principal Consultant and attended by your stakeholders and technical staff. Within the workshop, we discuss a multitude of cyber security controls from a number of popular cyber security frameworks.

The output is a report where the various risks are prioritised along with the recommended actions to remediate them or investigate them further. The Cyber Risk Assessment is designed to help you bridge the gap between your current cyber security position and where you need to get to in order to mitigate or manage your cyber security risks.

It enables us to rapidly immerse ourselves in how you operate and identify any risks that you may have. Although, the Cyber Risk Assessment can equally stand alone in its own right.

Cyber Security Officers

Having a Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert as a full-time employee could prove to be prohibitively expensive, especially in a smaller business where they may not be fully utilised. CND offers a service for various on-demand  cyber security experts where the level of engagement is tailored to your business needs and to your budget.  


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

An effective Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) understands the environment that a business operates in. They can prioritise the controls that need to be applied to corporate and personal information to manage risk. A Virtual CISO is someone who is not only on tap but proactively engaging with you as situations arise.

Your vCISO can undertake a variety of activities, as determined by a preliminary scoping of the role - from responding to your questions and security issues to conducting onsite visits, attending meetings and delivering briefings. Our vCISOs are often engaged to deliver cyber security at Company Board meetings.


Airport Virtual Cyber Security Responsible Manager

Similar to our vCISO service and in response to the CAA Cyber security oversight process for aviation - CAP1753 we offer the virtual Cyber Security Responsible Manager (vCRSM).

Our vCSRM will work for the airport's Accountable Manager to assist in the preparation for the achievement of their cyber security compliance when audited, Our vCSRM will scope the critical systems as per CAP1849 and ensure that the fourteen principles which are spread across the four broad objectives are being met as defined within CAP1850.


Maritime Virtual Cyber Security Officer

Code of Practice – Cyber Security for Ships - IET

The CySO is responsible for all security aspects of cyber-enabled systems on the ship, i.e. both the IT, OT and communications systems. Our vCySO can provide the necessary advice and guidance as an appropriate professional source where a ship company employee is nominated as the CySO.

The CySO maintains awareness of legal and regulatory changes that could affect the cyber security of ship assets and where necessary, make adjustments in policies, processes and procedures to comply with those changes. Ensuring the development, periodic review and maintenance of the Cyber Security Assessment and the Cyber Security Plan.

Cyber Essentials

Achieve certification and protect your organisation from the majority of the common cyber security threats.

We are here to help you achieve Cyber Essentials Scheme Certification as easily and as painlessly as possible. We have tried to make this page as informative as we can, without overwhelming you with technical jargon. If at any stage you find you have any kind of issue, or don't understand anything, please don't hesitate in reaching out and one of our friendly team will call you back. 

Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

A Vulnerability Assessment is a (mostly) automated test of computer systems which looks for vulnerabilities.

A Penetration Test is mostly manual and goes further exploiting the vulnerabilities, pivoting and moving laterally through further hosts.

Vulnerability Assessment

External, Internal, Cloud

As a result of the automation, many systems can be checked at a time, this makes Vulnerability Assessments extremely cost-effective.

We offer adhoc vulnerability assessments as required, although we offer continuous vulnerability scans which are scheduled to run regularly according to your needs. Finally, we offer constant vulnerability scans where agents are installed onto hosts and report vulnerabilities several times an hour.

Web Application Scanning

Our Website Application Scanning (WAS) service provides a snapshot of how vulnerable your web application is to an attack. This is undertaken by launching industry-leading automated tools that will actively scan your web applications for vulnerabilities.

The scans can be run as a single adhoc scan or be scheduled to run regularly.

See also our Penetration Test service.

Cyber Profile Assessment

CND's Cyber Profile Assessment is a health check of your online presence, combining several cyber security checks into a one-day, thorough evaluation. We check how your business and your staff may look to an attacker and search for any weak spots. The testing is comprehensive and combines a number of services.

Vulnerability Management

We work with you to prioritise and manage the patching of vulnerable devices. Where patches aren't available or cannot be applied we help to mitigate the issue through virtual patching. 

Penetration Test

Infrastructure, Web & Mobile App, Source Code Review

A Penetration Test or "Pen Test" will try to attack and penetrate your systems using the same tools and techniques that a hacker would, these are mostly manual.

An attempt will be made to exploit vulnerabilities, enter the exposed system and, where permitted, move laterally through your network. Unlike a hacker, our testers have very strict rules of engagement and a scope defined by you within which to work.

Red Teaming

Social Engineering, Physical Access, Penetration Testing, Moral Courage Assessment

Red Teaming is taking Penetration Testing to another level. Whilst we still attempt to break into your network digitally, we also bring a whole host of other techniques out of the arsenal, such as social engineering and gaining physical access. It's as though we have a grudge and will do anything to gain entry into your systems, just as an attacker might.

By adopting an adversarial approach towards the client, we leave no stone unturned in our attempts to compromise them as if we were a highly motivated attacker.

Phishing Assessment

Our managed service will gather metrics to safely tell you how many of your staff would likely fall victim to a real phishing email.

Instead of a harmful payload, the phishing email contains security training to educate any users who inadvertently fail to identify the assessment.

The service runs for 12 months and consists of up to 10 irregular phishing assessment emails to your staff.

These emails change to reflect the real-world phishing tactics and techniques currently in use by attackers.

Cyber Security Compliance and Audit

  • Security Compliance

    We will assess your organisation to see if you satisfy the controls within the selected security framework, such as NIST, ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, PCI DSS, etc. The output will be a gap analysis, outlining where you don't comply with the certification.  We can then work with you to implement any changes that are required and if the certification permits it, audit you again and certify you.

  • Firewall Audit

    When we audit a firewall, we not only look at whether they are up to date but also review all of the rules on an individual basis. We investigate if each rule is adequately granular and that the source and destinations are still appropriate, finishing off by checking for an explicit deny.

    We also check the architecture for correct placement and that there aren't any potential bypasses. The configuration for each firewall is checked to ensure that licensed functionality is turned on and configured correctly. 

  • Forensic Readiness

    After a security breach, logs are gathered to understand what has happened and as evidence to prosecute the attacker(s). All too often the logs gathered by default are inadequate, lacking in detail, or missing altogether. Our service ensures that you are prepared for the worst.

    Our Forensic Readiness Review ensures that an organisation is collecting sufficient logs and storing them in a forensically sound manner. This is to enable them to facilitate a thorough investigation of an incident and, if necessary, prosecute the attackers in a court of law.

    CND Consultancy services are available to our UK government clients through the Digital Marketplace. Take a look at the services available with CND on G-Cloud.

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