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Spear Phishing - Cyber Attacks

 We have all heard of Phishing attacks, where emails are used as bait to lure us into clicking on a link or opening an attachment. However, because we are now much wiser to the threat, attackers are having to work harder to lure us in by doing some research. These targeted phishing attacks are referred to as Spear Phishing, and humorously, if ...

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The connectivity race is on...

The race continues to achieve high-speed, low-latency broadband internet in remote and rural locations across the globe. Each OneWeb satellite claims to offer seamless coverage as big as Alaska, and with Starlink satellites increasing next year to have full worldwide coverage by 2023, the exciting finish line is in sight! Unlike traditional satelli...

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Defeating Pesky Drones on Superyachts

Drones have presented a problem to superyachts for some time, diminishing the guest experience and impacting the privacy of both guests and crew. The impact of this is debatable and some are more accepting of drone attention than others. Although for some VVIP owners and guests, privacy is precious and they do not want their time with family and fr...

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IACS Mandate Cyber Security For New Builds

UPDATE 13 July 2022 As part of our research into writing this post, we noticed that IACS UR E26 (below) had been released at exactly the same time as the amendment to IACS Rec 166 Recommendation on Cyber Resilience.   Interestingly, the Rec 166 document was amended to replace mandatory wording such ...

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Maritime Single Window System, is your superyacht ready?

Maritime Single Window System, is your superyacht ready?  Are you aware of the Maritime new Single Window IMO proposal for January 2024?  Authorities such as the UK government have mentioned in their border strategy the implementation of 'a single window' in all UK ports by the year 2025 The IMO recently approved changes to their gui...

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Maritime Cyber Security Starts With The Crew, or does it?

Maritime Executive produced an interesting article which references some great work by Marie Larsen from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, around the perception of cyber risk in the maritime domain. I feel that the Maritime Executive title of "Maritime Cyber Security Starts With The Crew" is inappropriate, as the technical co...

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Superyacht Charity Ball

CND Ltd recently attended the Superyacht Charity Ball 2022 on 2nd April which was held at the St. Mary's Stadium in Southampton. The Superyacht Charity was founded with the main purpose of generating funding for charitable causes through donations and support from the superyacht industry. The 2022 ball generated over £85,000 for the well deserved c...

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