Cisco FirePower Services

Whilst we can deploy, configure, and tune any of the commercial IDS and IPS, our preferred solution is Cisco FirePower IPS.

Service Overview: 

Whilst we can deploy, configure and tune any of the commercial IDS and IPS, our preferred solution is the Cisco FirePower IDS and IPS, which we have followed since Marty Roesch first created Snort and the subsequent commercial SourceFire offering. 
Cisco then acquired Sourcefire and developed the product further and even embedded it onto the Cisco ASA Firewall which then became the FirePower Threat Defense (FTD).
We have some of the best FirePower consultants in the world and we often augment Cisco staff with our experts.

Service Details:
Maximise the capability of your FirePOWER Intrusion Prevention System with our 'Post Installation' and 'Managed Services' packages, developed by our consultants from their client site experiences.
IMPROVE, COMPLEMENT, OR REPLACE  We are regularly approached by clients looking to build their defence in depth capability by maximising, complementing or replacing their existing products. FirePower, as a market leader, is a product many of our clients consider to enhance their ASA firewalls or, to replace an existing IPS. Our Consultants have provided numerous deployments on client sites and designed our 'Post Installation' and 'Managed Services' packages to meet the client requirements they commonly encounter.
WE SELL FIREPOWER, ASA WITH FIREPOWER, AND FIREPOWER THREAT DEFENCE (FTD)  CND are a Cisco Select Certified partner and can assist you with purchasing your FirePower product.
ALREADY HAVE FIREPOWER AND REQUIRE POST-INSTALLATION SERVICES?  Configuring and tuning your FirePower system is absolutely essential to get the best from it, you'll be amazed at the difference we can make. More importantly, we can do it remotely with you in the driving seat learning how we do it!
Choose from our three post installation, managed service packages, designed to get FirePower working for you as quickly as possible and maximise its capability, as well as to give you the support you need for a large and advanced deployment and skill up your technical staff.
  1. PHASE ONE onsite onboarding.
  2. PHASE TWO false-positive reduction, analysis, tuning, and reporting.
  3. PHASE THREE ongoing analysis, tuning, maintenance, and reporting.

Cisco FirePower Service Packages 


Initial Staging of Device.


Onsite onboarding. 


Configuration and Analysis of Device


False positive reduction, analysis, tuning, and reporting.


Turning on IPS Mode.


Ongoing analysis, tuning, maintenance, and reporting.

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