Don’t have time to start a search yourself?

Is your function at its capacity?

Struggling to fill your Cyber Security vacancies in a market where demand outstrips the talent available?

Let us put your mind at ease…

Our Recruitment team make it their business to follow the ins and outs of the market, from identifying key talent pools, to pin pointing realistic rates to gauging the integrity of certifications.

We pride ourselves in being technically aware and understanding the unique culture of each client. We find the right candidates for your team from our extensive inventory of contacts who are 'in the market' not 'on the market'.

You won't receive a multitude of CVs to sift through. We essentially conduct the first stage interviews for you and will only send you candidate profiles we feel are suitable for the role, streamlining your recruitment process and saving you time in a market where everyone is stretched.

2017 Statistics

We sent on average 2 profiles per vacancy. 81% of these were interviewed and 42% of those received an offer.

Client Recommendations

I decided to call CND after hearing good things about the team in the market, one of the best decisions I have made. Ryan quickly met me and talked through all of my short fallings with my function and spotted a couple of areas he would be able to help with. He swiftly provided me with a shortlist of pre-screened and very strong candidates. I took one of these options but felt I could have taken anyone of them. I will certainly be using CND in the future. 

Security Consultancy

CND supply [us] with analysts. I have always found the business and administration staff of CND very professional, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. In my dealings with CND, they always work with heightened integrity and confidentiality, which is very important for the classified environment I work in.  The quality of the staff they provide is second to none. The service they provide me with is excellent and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future, I recommend them highly.

Global Systems Integrator

CND were organised and professional, advising and managing the roles and timescales that we required along with assisting on obtaining the required Security Clearances. 

Defence Prime

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