Blockchain Security

Blockchains are emerging due to their unique properties around ownership, cryptography, immutability, and transparency. 

Service Overview: 

Originally designed for cryptocurrencies, other uses for blockchain are emerging due to its unique properties around ownership, cryptography, immutability, and transparency, especially in finance and governance. This makes blockchain an extremely attractive target for criminals and nation-states. 

Service Details:

Cybersecurity is of great concern to systems developers and organisations
adopting new technologies such as blockchain. As new systems are developed in this ever-changing threat landscape, CND can provide oversight into current trends and pitfalls in security, assisting developers to build and
maintain a hardened blockchain service. Through consultancy, vulnerability
assessments, code review, and penetration testing, CND can assist
organisations to find the best security posture for their Hyperledger and
blockchain backed code.   

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