Volunteering with the Air Training Corps
by Matthew - Analyst
November 2021

As a member of the Air Training Corps Cadets, Matthew shares his experiences of the benefits of being part of the organisation and his recent experience during Remembrance Day 2021.

“On the 11th of November 2021, I attended the Remembrance Day parade in Douglas, Isle of Man. This included bearing a standard within a parade and marching to the Cenotaph. At the Cenotaph, multiple people including His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, paid their respects by laying wreaths and observing a minute’s silence. As the parade was held on a Friday, I was only able to attend as CND allowed me the time off.”

The article on the Remembrance Day ceremony Matthew took part in, can be seen here.

“My experience with the Air Training Corps (ATC) has been both positive and beneficial, and has given me invaluable life lessons, skills and experiences.

The training and development offered by the Air Training Corps has allowed me to achieve qualifications such as Activity Level First Aid, Leadership and Expedition qualifications, which I would never have had the opportunity If wasn't in the ATC.

Moving into a Volunteer Staff role has enabled me to impart the skills I have gained onto new Cadets and help them take full advantage of all the opportunities and training within the Corps. Multiple courses are available for myself and other volunteering staff members, allowing us to become instructors within the organisation and deliver specialised training in many fields, ranging from Marksmanship and Field Craft to First aid and leadership.

Moving through the ranks and classifications within the organisation has pushed me to improve my discipline, leadership and teaching skills as I take on more responsibilities within the Squadron going from a learner to a leader. One of my roles within the squadron, along with other staff members, is now to assist in the day-to-day operation. This includes developing and employing a training plan for the young cadets, along with ensuring the uniform and discipline standards remain at a high level.

Not only does volunteering with a Military Youth Organisation provide useful training and experiences, but it also allows you to help young people develop their skills and training which will help them later in life.

Computer Network Defence understand the importance of myself attending cadet events such as Remembrance parades and training camps. CND supports me in these ventures and allows me time off for such duties”.

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