Virtual CISO

We offer a cost effective "virtual" CISO to provide your business with high level expertise and a wealth of experience without the  need for investment in a full time staff role.

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for establishing and maintaining a business’s mission, strategy, and activities to ensure information assets and technologies are protected and potential risks are identified and managed.

We will work with you to define your requirement and understand the technical needs and culture of your business to allocate the appropriate vCISO from the CND team.

Utilising your vCISO

Your vCISO can undertake a variety activities determined by scoping of the role. From  responding to your questions and security issues, to conducting onsite visits, attending meetings and delivering briefings. 

You will additionally have access to CND threat intelligence updates, the latest security updates and notifications of relevant vulnerabilities to your declared assets.


Once the vCISO has been selected, they will scope the requirement and build a roadmap in consultation with both your technical experts and your executive team.

The number of days required each week or month may vary according to what is being delivered and will be reviewed every 3 months. Allowing you flexibility and budget control.

Meet our vCISOs...

  • Profile A

    With a career built on delivering complex commercial client network integration projects. This vCISO has a demonstrable track record of team leadership and project delivery together with a history in the research, development and provision of innovative IT security solutions.

  • Profile B

    ' A passion for all things security has led this vCISO to become a respected authority on security products and their deployment. Having overseen numerous client product upgrades and configurations; network and security architecture underpin their easy management style and easily digestible briefings.'

  • Profile C

    An extensive background in policy and procedure, this vCISO has spent the past five years of their career focussed on the technical aspects of being a CISO. Audit preparation, security culture education and policy creation are just some of the skills available.

With 3 vCISO profiles to choose from, contact us today to find out which profile will suit your business.