VA & Penetration Testing

Identifying vulnerabilities to remediate cost effectively and offering certified technical hacking to guard against attacks.

Vulnerability Assessments

We offer comprehensive vulnerability assessments of your chosen environment to cover a multitude of common threats. Choose from singular or continuous assessments, internal and external infrastructure scans and web application scanning.

Raw, Lite Touch or Fully Analysed

Choose from our 'Raw', 'Lite Touch' and 'Fully Analysed' service packages to find a competitively priced service level to meet your specific needs.

Looking for that extra reassurance?

Take a look at our Cyber Profile Assessment. A one day service which examines your organisation's online risk profile. It includes a vulnerability scan, web application scan and open source intelligence research.

Penetration Testing

"A process involving an attack on a computer system by certified technicians with the intention of finding security weaknesses."

We will perform a test that can simulate both an internal and an external network attack by using a range of methodologies preferred by hacktivist, criminal and state-sponsored operatives.

Testing areas we offer include:

Web & Infrastructure
Application Security
Database Security
Social Engineering
VPN / Remote Access Security
VOIP Security
Wireless Security
Mobile Application Security
Source Code Review

Not sure if you need a VA or a Pen Test? Contact us for a confidential discussion of your requirement.