Unified Threat Detection

CND's unified threat detection provides all your IT security requirements in one simple scalable solution. Minimising cost and maximising resources.

Do you have multiple security products running on your boundary, networks and systems?

Have they been acquired at significant cost yet are only performing at a minimum of their capability, whilst requiring costly upgrades and skilled employees to manage them?

Outsource your IT security to our expert team and enable your business to concentrate on what you do best.

The Service

We deploy our unified threat detection sensor within your network. This collects all the logs from devices, monitors the network traffic and scans them for vulnerabilities which an attacker might exploit.

It also monitors cloud services such as Office 365, GSuite and AWS.

We manage and monitor the output and you can also see the systems security outputs in one simple dashboard. The sensor also allows us to quickly map your assets, set access notifications on critical data files and detect intrusions or suspicious behaviour to support your GDPR and PCI compliance and ISO27001 certification.

  • Detect the latest threats with a single low-cost and easy to manage sensor that can replace multiple security software products.
  • Prioritise the threats that put your business at risk. Quickly attaining compliance for GDPR, ISO27001 and PCI DSS.
  • Outsourced configuration management and analysis by professionals producing high level, easily digestible reports.

Multiple security solutions in One

Automated Asset Mapping

Know what devices are within your environment, what Operating Systems and what applications.

SIEM and Log Management

Correlate and analyse event data from across your environment.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities within your internal network and externally accessed addresses and web applications.

Intrusion Detection

Be alerted to suspicious network activity from an inbuilt network IDS and Netflow sensor and receiver.

Packet Capture

Enable security analysts to perform full protocol analysis on network traffic.

Threat Intelligence

Regular analysis of your event data against the latest threats, with advice on new attacker techniques and the most effective defences.

Dark Web Monitoring

Detect if your user's credentials have been compromised in a 3rd party breach and trafficked on the dark web.

Behavioural Monitoring

Establish a baseline and identify anomalous or suspicious behaviour in your environment.

Forensics & Incident Response

Threat detection capabilities are enhanced by automatically collecting and providing Windows and Linux system information.

Ready to simplify your security?