Health Check

Not sure where to start with your IT security overhaul? Our Health Check provides you with the flexibility to identify the greatest cyber security risks to your organisation, whilst controlling the budget and extent of testing.

The Health Check is designed to be a continuous process, allowing you to maintain a healthy cyber security posture at all times. At any point you can choose to analyse or remediate issues yourself or, utilise CND consultants.

Stage 1
Cyber Risk Review

We visit your location and interview key organisation members and undertake a network diagram consultation to understand your organisation's risks. We deliver a brief of our findings to you on the day to identify priorities and discuss the next steps and follow up with a high level report summarising the outcomes.

Stage 2
Bespoke Analysis

Next, we undertake a Bespoke Analysis of identified priorities from the Cyber Risk Review. This could include technical investigations like a firewall configuration review or a gap analysis of user access policies and privileges.

Stage 3

Choose from our Consultancy options including; SOC services, Cyber Essentials, Penetration Testing and FirePOWER services to remediate issues. 

Case Study

We were approached by a Financial Services client to complete a Health Check of their entire IT infrastructure. We began by reviewing the client's network architecture, cyber security culture and areas of business risk. Due to the size of the client we conducted internal and external vulnerability assessments to be able to map their infrastructure for Bespoke Analysis. Due to the high volume of vulnerabilities found, we left the client with a list of 'easy win' changes their IT team could make internally to harden their infrastructure. We then returned 6 weeks later to conduct black and white box penetration testing to monitor their progress and identify any further issues. The client had been unable to configure their firewalls accurately. We therefore upgraded their firewall capability by enabling security features. This was substantially more cost effective than purchasing new kit. We configured these correctly, utilising our threat intelligence to update the signatures and now provide this as a monthly retained service. 

Ready to get your Cyber Health kick started?