Security Operations Centres

Over two decades of successfully building Security Operations Centres for clients.

The proliferation of new technologies over the past decade has led to many organisations having an IT infrastructure that is struggling to match the demands of the current business environment.
Our client based Security Operations Centre services will ensure you proactively defend your network against breaches and attacks; recognising incidents, managing risk and increasing resilience.


We investigate existing security topology and identify capability gaps, to design an appropriate Security Operations Centre, to meet business demands and security requirements.


We can enhance or refresh existing Security Operations Centre capabilities and ensure the Centre is meeting its operational requirements and outputs. 


We provide the real time monitoring and event analysis at the heart of the Security Operations Centre, offering a variety of support and staffing options moving forward.

Policy & Procedure

We will embed policy and procedure to define best practice, meet compliance levels and ensure a successful foundation.

Require an outsourced solution?

The Computer Network Defence in-house Security Operations Centre can provide a range of monitoring services and threat intelligence offerings.

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