Admittedly it's been some time since we returned from Las Vegas, but after a number of weeks we are seeing real value from the trip. A chance to reflect...

Touching down in the Nevada desert we had our game plan set up for the week...

1. Take the pulse of the current tech job market

2. Hone our social engineering skills to get us into the best parties

3. Make our Vegas millions

We went for the front loading the week tactic as we hit BSides to catch the Recruiter talks; recruiter smackdown, rate the recruiter and how to hack recruiting were all on our list. It was great to sit in the audience and listen to the candidates firing the questions at the Recruiters on the podium when usually we are the ones dishing out the grilling.

After spending time with our fellow recruiter brethren, it was time to get hands on. We hit lock picking village and got down to the basics.

Then it was time for the big one, Black Hat. It's truly global reach and international recognition gave us the opportunity to organise meet ups with our clients and candidates when we are all in the same time zone. 

This was when our suite at the Hotel came into its own, instead of uncomfortably perching on a bed in a double, we had a palatial living space to entertain our contacts and have an informal environment to relax in to the small hours.

We also pulled out the social engineering stops and shunned our British love of queueing to access the hottest parties no questions asked. Direct eye contact, a confident walk and a sense of urgency got us into secret elevators, unlimited sushi, icy surrounds and drone served drinks.

Next up Defcon, our stamina had taken a hit but we put our phones on airplane mode and delved with deep breaths into the heavy air of Defcon to get our geek on. Watching the world's best (known) Hackers showing off their skills during capture the flag inspired us to get out the plastic and pick up a WiFi pineapple and pen testing tech.

Did we end up millionaires? Negative, we returned to the UK with our bank balances hovering between black and red. On the plus side our cryptocurrency game has upped considerably. Water cooler chat is all about Ether and Elastic! Next year we will be back to do it all again!

I'd like to thank all our contacts, clients, candidates and cryptotraders for your time and great company out there! I hope it was as valuable to you as it was for us!


(Top tip at Black Hat: USA Size XL is NOT the same as UK XL)