This year we have set aside our usual sponsorship of a corporate box and are delighted to be supporting Chippenham Rugby Club for their 2017/2018 season.

Now its not just about a beer at the Saturday matches, but sponsoring a local club and becoming part of a team who are supporting our community every day.

The welcome by the Chippenham Club members and players (all volunteers) is phenomenal, the result is that our corporate guests feel this warmth which not only helps them really enjoy the day, but they genuinely appreciate being invited. Up until now, most of our local guests have left wanting to become members themselves.

Our MD, a self-confessed geek and more comfortable with wielding a keyboard than a rugby ball says:

I've never been the greatest fan of rugby myself but used to enjoy watching the occasional game. Watching a Chippenham match from the side line is so much more engaging than watching it at a large stadium or on TV, I'm hooked."

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