Cyber Profile Assessment

Manage your online risk with our extensive review of your organisation's internet profile.

Our one day Cyber Profile Assessment examines your organisation's online presence. Our GCHQ trained consultants will externally scan your website and boundary for vulnerabilities and search for your top 10 pieces of information on the deep and dark web. From their findings we produce a Cyber Profile Assessment report highlighting the risks to your organisation and enabling you to manage your online risk profile.

A comprehensive overview in one service: 
vulnerability assessment, web application scan and open source intelligence


We will conduct an external vulnerability scan  of 1 IP address (unauthenticated) and an external web app scan of up to 500 static or dynamic web pages (unauthenticated).

Open Source Intelligence

Snippets of hidden or seemingly insignificant pieces of online information , can be pulled together to build a detailed picture of your organisation. Hackers use this technique to identify easy targets for attack.Provide us with a list of up to 10 pieces of unique information (seeds) from the following*:

Domain Names | IP Addresses | Usernames | Email addresses | Names | Telephone Numbers

We will add these to seeds we find and search the deep web and dark web to identify any compromises.

*The seeds provided must be your own

Find out what's out in the deep and dark web on your organisation.