An increasing number of military powers are establishing Cyber as a separate arm to their services, demonstrating the cohesion between these arms, last weekend saw a turning point as the Israeli Defense Forces defeated an ongoing cyber attack with a conventional strike.   This is thought to be the first such real-time strike.  The US had previously attacked the ISIS cyber HQ back in 2015, though this was retrospective.

This is an interesting development, especially if you are that attacker who thinks they are in the safety of their own home, or at least their own country.


IDF says it thwarted a Hamas cyber attack during weekend battle | The Times of Israel

In addition to fighting digital threat, Israeli Air Force also bombs headquarters of terror group's technology division in Gaza

Israel meets suspected Hamas cyber-attack with immediate air strike

Israel has bombed a building in the Gaza which it says was being used by hostile hackers, the first known example of a nation responding to a cyber attack with immediate military force.

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