Late last week, Mozilla published an update that broke every add-on or extension to Firefox.  The certificate they used to verify that add-ons were correctly signed expired.  When Firefox updated, every add-on or extension was considered unsafe, and disabled.  They have published a fix or two over the weekend, and most people should be back to normal.

The reporting of this as a "security update" is rather misleading. Actually, in the name of security it was broken in the first place, since the add-ons couldn't be verified.  If you use things like NoScript to enhance your security, NoScript was blocked and that may have become a security issue.  However, that does not make the update to correct the certificate a security fix.  Let's not fall to the lure of sensational headlines.  But really, did they get you to click on the article?

Second Firefox fix repairs broken browser extensions for more people - CNET

The second Mozilla attempt in two days should help fix problems for a larger fraction of people who've had problems with add-ons to customize the browser.

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