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Managed Phishing Assessment Service

Over 90% of attacks start with a phishing email aimed at an employee. We send a realistic phishing email to gently assess the likelihood that an employee would fall victim to a phishing attack. Instead of being malicious, victims will be educated on what they could have done to identify it.

Service Overview

It only requires one member of staff to click on a phishing email to potentially ruin your business.

Our managed service will gather metrics to safely tell you how many of your staff would likely fall victim to a real phishing email.

Instead of a harmful payload, the phishing email contains security training to educate any users who inadvertently fail to identify the assessment.

The service runs for 12 months and consists of up to 12 irregular phishing assessment emails to your staff.

These emails change to reflect the real-world phishing tactics and techniques currently in use by attackers.

The first phishing campaign will form a baseline from which clients can identify any weaknesses.

The subsequent phishing assessments, will indicate whether your staff’s susceptibility to phishing is improving.

Our recent baselines have found between 9% and 34% of a client’s staff members have fallen for the initial phishing assessment.


Service Details & Options

  • Access to Playbooks – campaigns run by CND with no need for involvement from the client.
  • Access to ‘Report Phishing’ button which can be deployed into your email environment for users to report phishing attempts to your IT team.
  • Access to a range of educational content for your users, including graphical and computer-based tests (CBTs).
  • Access to standard reporting following completion of each campaign.
  • Access to board report feature at 9 month+ point in order to show value to C-suite.
  • *Option to customise phishing campaigns, tailored to the client’s organisation.
  • *Option to allow CND to immediately react and launch campaigns which emulate the latest topics used by attackers.

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