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The latest threats

The Radar Page was designed and built to meet for the demands of Government and Military networks back in the early 2000s. They were requiring near real time information on new and emerging cyber threats and we came up with the Radar concept at a kitchen table. Today, it's public availability and lack of corporate identity has resulted in almost every industry, including home users, taking advantage of it either on an occasional basis or full time on plasma screens. The page auto updates every 20 minutes drawing information from multiple sources.

Our philosophy

Whilst we love tech we have always recognised the importance of human input and management to provide integrity to data. Our Radar distinguishes itself from the latest offerings in the industry as it doesn't just run on multiple automatic feeds. Our Researchers in the US and Europe manually research all vulnerabilities published on the radar, allowing us to give you accurate, granular information in real time.

The Radar is hosted on our sister site www.securitywizardry.com 

Security Wizardry is an information security products directory and provides salient details on available network security products, either commercial or freeware.

A global presence

As early as 2006 the NSA were using our radar
In 2015 it was a headline image on The Register
Today we have more than 12,000 hits an hour

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